Some summer days are just too much to handle. It’s too hot for anyone to be comfortable, the humidity is heavy, and it seems like the sun is never going to give in and retreat behind the clouds. There’s only one thing to do with weather like this: grin and bear it.

How on earth, though, are you supposed to come up with a reason to grin? When excessive heat and the suffering it brings seems never-ending, what do you have to smile about?

Luckily, There’s One Thing That’s Better in the Heat

Ice cream was made for days like this, and Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Maryville has dozens of flavors!

They’ve got classics like rocky road and strawberry, as well as new flavors, like “Pucker Up,” which is lemon ice cream with blue raspberry and sour cherry ribbons, plus Nerds candy, and “Cotton Candy Explosion” a cotton-candy-flavored ice cream with popping candy, so there’s plenty to choose from at Bruster’s.

In fact, Bruster’s recipe book contains about 150 different flavors, and there are around 40 flavors to pick from daily. This wide variety is possible because of the way Bruster’s ice cream is made, which is also one of the company’s hallmarks. Basic ingredients are delivered to each Bruster’s shop, and the ice cream is handcrafted right there in the store. It never sees the inside of a deep freezer, which is why it has such a rich taste. It also has a short shelf life, but it always disappears before that becomes an issue!

More Than Just Ice Cream Cones

There’s more to choose from at Bruster’s than just a couple scoops in a cone. Bruster’s also offers sundaes and splits, both available in either a waffle cone bowl or a regular bowl. Love banana splits? Every Thursday at Bruster’s is Banana Thursday, where customers can bring their own banana and get ½ off the price of a banana split. Other treats include blasts – soft serve with mix-ins like Oreos and Reese’s Pieces – milkshakes, freezes made with sherbet or Italian ice, and ice cream sodas and floats. Even your dog can join the fun! Bruster’s offers free “doggie sundaes” every day they are open.

Looking for something to suit a crowd? Bruster’s will hand-pack pints, quarts, and half gallons of their ice cream for you to take away, and they also offer pies and ice cream cakes. Ice cream cakes are available for pickup anytime, but they can be easily custom ordered with different flavors of cake and ice cream, as can the pies. Both are iced with Bruster’s vanilla ice cream, so there’s more than enough good feeling to go around.

Head on Over!

Bruster’s is located on 1400 W. Broadway in Maryville, Tennessee, and is open from 11 AM to 11 PM, 7 days a week. Next time the heat gets to be too much, you know where to go!


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