When you walk through the front doors of the main lodge at Richmont Inn, you can tell right away that this is a place full of history.The walls and decor are filled with artifacts and memorabilia from all across the Smoky Mountains that are waiting to tell their story. And once you meet Jim Hind, the owner, those stories come to life.

Jim and his wife Susan opened Richmont Inn in 1991 after “dropping out” Room with a View of the corporate world. They wanted to create a place where corporate folks from all across the world could come to unwind and enjoy the beauty that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has to offer. And they’ve accomplished just that.

While the rooms in the main building have been telling their stories for years, particularly the “Sacred Ground” dedicated to the memory of the Native Americans (learn about the main building rooms here), the brand new Chalet Luxury Suites and Wine Bar are just beginning to come to life.

The Cove Cafe and Wine Bar offers a delightfully Cove Cafe special little retreat in a romantic setting surrounded by the woods. Featuring an extensive wine list representing anywhere from 6-8 different countries, the Wine Bar is nestled less than a 5 minute walk away from the new Chalet Luxury Suites. It also features TVs so sports fans can get their fix while on vacation (There are no TVs in the suites. Think: Romance!).  The Cove Cafe also serves as the perfect setting for a romantic fondue dinner for guests. Read more about the fondue dinner options as well as the complimentary breakfast on Richmont Inn’s website.

The new Chalet Luxury Suites at Richmont Inn (the keyword is “luxury”) were designed with the utmost attention to detail. From the elements of Kinsington Palace’s Kinsington Suite gates within the headboard of the bed in the Kinsington Suite, to the “state of the art” massaging spa tubs in each room, your only issue with the suites will be that your vacation will eventually come to an end! It’s no wonder the rooms have British inspiration…one of Richmont Inn’s most famous guests is the late Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, who helped consult Jim and Susan on the history of the decor throughout the rooms. As we mentioned before, luxury is the overall theme, and there is definitely an abundance of it!

Each suite comes equipped with satellite radios, Keurig coffee makers, glass-enclosed showers with room for two and heavy, extravagant curtains Dining Area that can keep even the brightest sunshine at bay (not that we recommend it, in a setting like The Smoky Mountains). The Provence and Bordeaux rooms in the lower level of the chalet are French-inspired and all of the furniture in the rooms is either imported from France or was designed there. Talk about authenticity! Jim and Susan meticulously designed the Chalet Luxury Suites with every last detail in mind and left no stone unturned. Learn more about the Chalet Rooms at Richmont Inn’s website.

So, if you’re ready to escape from the busy and demanding lifestyle of the corporate world and experience a unique, luxurious bed & breakfast in the Smoky Mountains (with some of the most breathtaking views around!), hop in the car and head to Richmont Inn. Be sure to tell Jim and Susan we sent you!


Check out our video tour of Richmont Inn below:

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